by Social Trauma

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A year and a half worth of anger, sadness and disappointment.


released January 29, 2016

Big thanks to binary studios for recording us, and thanks to anyone who's ever gone to our shows or shown any interest in what we do. We love you <3



all rights reserved


Social Trauma San Antonio, Texas

Donald Shameless - guitar/vocals

Patrick Simmons - bass/vocals

Christian Zukini - Drums

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Track Name: Vexation
I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs
take a sharp blade and cut out my tounge
a bullet through the brain seems all too legit
I'll go to your church and baptize you in spit

Religion is stupid and all of you suck
Things never change the system is corrupt
All this hatred locked inside all this anger I can't deny


The cares and the vexations of this hopeless life
Track Name: N.M.A.
My mind can't seem to find a reason to feel happy
Evil thoughts and negative vibes control my body
I'm trapped under ice and I can't get out.
It's impossible to breathe I'm suffocating

Shadows fill my soul
With hatred I can't control
Shower me in my desires
I still won't feel whole
Track Name: Stoned, Not Stupid
Smoke smoke smoke everyday
Gotta get high to alleviate the pain
One last bowl one last puff
Now I'm stoned to go do some stuff
Think I have I problem but I don't care
Hey man let me hit that
I'll be fine I swear
Don't try and give me a lecture if you don't know the facts

I'm gonna spark this blunt up until my lungs burn
Let's leave this sober world behind
I'm not interested in what you have to say
I just wanna smoke this weed all day

Hit up my dealer so I can get high
Navigating while stoned is how I get by
When I'm all anxious and in a bad mood
Taking a bong rip is how I subdue
Think I have a problem but I'm too high to care
Aye bruh smoke me out I'll get you back I swear
Don't try and give me a lecture if you don't know the facts

Can't you see that it don't bother me?
It bothers you
But I don't really care
Sorry dude
It don't bother me it bothers you
But I don't care anyway
My opinion is here to stay
Why don't you just have a seat and come smoke this bowl with me
Track Name: Suicide Crew
Tired and broken
Suicide crew
It all falls apart
And we're all we have
Test our friendships
And our character
I know how it is
Cause I've been there

We know what you don't know
We feel what you don't feel

Suicide crew
My suicide crew

Corrupt and selfish
But we mean well
A ticking time bomb
Of frustration
Exhausting to exist
But we must survive
Passion will not decay
Can't let us fade away

And I swear
If you know
Our band
For this one song
I will slit your throat
I will I will

For my suicide crew
Track Name: Get Back To Work
Get back to work

I cannot stand this place
Why do I spend my time here?
There is no amount that you can pay to make me wanna stay
Workin like a slave it just ain't fair
Workin like a slave it just ain't fair

Get back to work
Feel the pain and the strife
Go waste your time
This paper controls my life
Get back to work
Track Name: Decipher
Searching for the answers that you cannot decipher
Countless tries and sleepless nights there's still so much to learn
Consume ourselves with hatred for the humanity we've lost
And realize that it was all our fault

There is no point to exist just make your own
If you open your eyes you'll see what's in front of you
There is no point to exist just make your own
Track Name: Sloppy Seconds
Why are you so good at making me feel like being second best is okay?
Sloppy seconds
Track Name: Prevaricate
Wish I knew then what I know now

Why do you always make the same bad decisions?

Life would have no meaning if things were always easy

Try fixing the problem before it gets out of hand.
Track Name: Dream Eater
Succumbed to drowsy thoughts
A false reality
Senses impaired as if I had allergies
I'm not really sure if my surroundings are what they seem
It's too real to be fake but too fake to be real

Drain my brain from my skull
Let me rest in peace
Drain my brain from my skull
Let me die in peace
Track Name: Punk Rock Exhibitionists
Jackets full of these studs and bands
(You stupid posers)
Is this what you had fucking planned?
(You only listen to)
Sublime the queers NOFX and blink
(Bet you think you're cool)
Go to the shows just to be seen

I know you're not the only one
Who acts hardcore in the scene
Track Name: Social Trauma
Eyes locked in a screen
A worthless magazine
We're all suffering from social trauma

Don't give me an excuse
So let us introduce
A world suffering from social trauma

Try and pay attention
It's obviously mentioned
We're all suffering from social trauma

The internet has a mind of its own
It controls all of you
Technology's advanced
Way too soon
There's gotta be a way
To fix what we've done
I was better off when I wasn't in your head.

You're all suffering from a case of social trauma
Track Name: Dim Reflection
Memories are fading
Memories are fading of you now

How could I be so naive?
I thought you were the one for me
Left to ponder what might have been
The absolute worst decision

And if I see those glacier eyes again
I won't hesitate to take my revenge

Used to think we were the same
But you gladly smiled as you caused me pain
In my mind you were a perfect 10
This life you live will be your end.
Track Name: No Blinker
Use your fucking blinker
It's what it's there for
Use your fucking blinker
And don't drive so poor
Which way are you going?
No one can be sure
Seeing brainless humans drive
Is endless torture
How can something simple
Be easily forgotten?
Wreck your daddies car cause you're spoiled rotten

Drive can you not drive
What made you think
That you could change
That lane without first
Using your blinker

Drive can you not drive
What made you think
It was okay to change
That lane next time
Use your blinker
Track Name: Tension
I still remember what you did to me
And I'll never forget
Track Name: Nevermind
Play these games
In my head
Poison me
Complicate everything
You know what?

Play these games
In my head
You don't care
How I feel
Connections have dissolved
You know what?

No more games
In my head
I give up
I've changed my mind
Track Name: RRR
Now's it's over
No turning back
I really need to stop thinkin bout the pointless past

Circulating in my head
Even when I go to bed
What's the point of all this dread?
I guess you wanted him instead
I wish that I could turn back time
Back to when everything was in its prime
Giving up wasn't such a crime can't you see?


I had you and you had me
But I guess we weren't meant to be
Now you're blinded by the things you see
Guess it was all because of me

Now it's over
No going back
I really need to stop thinkin bout the pointless past
Track Name: Faithless
Your god can't judge me
From where he stands
Our demise is coming
And it's part of his master plan
I'm blinded by fury
And fueled by hate
God isn't special
God is fake


Comfort me not
For there is no need
Accepting spirituality won't teach me how to be
What good in the world has your god done for you?
I denounce your religion
I'm done
I'm through

Track Name: Blue Dreams
Nothing in this world is free
That's why I live so miserably today
I'll never be happy with the way I am
I wish I could be like everyone else
All this effort for a lost cause
Life's not a game and I can't press pause
This here's just another song
I hope that you can prove me wrong

Do you know how it feels to bleed from your soul?
Do you know how it feels to bleed for someone?

Losing my grip on reality
How can you be with someone like me?
Overwhelmed by insanity
I don't belong here I have to leave
I'm way too different to live this life
Why do I have to feel this way?
I can never get to sleep
Cause I keep having all these blue dreams
Blue dreams

Do you know how it feels to be destroyed?
Do you know what it's like to have your mood change like the seasons?
Track Name: Nodus Tollens
Maybe if I scream a little louder my thoughts will begin to change