by Social Trauma

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Slowly dying as you learn to live.


released March 3, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Christopher Dillard

big thanks to anyone who supports us, you are appreciated <3

shouts out to any artist doin their own thing.



all rights reserved


Social Trauma San Antonio, Texas

Donald Shameless - guitar/vocals

Patrick Simmons - bass/vocals

Christian Zukini - Drums

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Track Name: Social Anxiety Rising
Just relax
Don't interact
Track Name: Melody Of Suffering
I don't like who I've become

haven't learned from my mistakes
deep inside I thought I cared
beliefs that are easily altered
I deserve the worst

I lie
and steal
to get my way
then wallow in self pity
at the end of the day

I don't like who I've become
none can know the things I've done
Track Name: Awkward
Frozen with fear, I'll make it clear, don't come near
I'm awkward
I can't have a conversation without being awkward
If our paths ever cross I'm sorry for being awkward
Track Name: Reality
Don't tell me anything cause I will never listen. All you say is bullshit and you're in no position. You crushed my hopes and dreams, you destroyed my personality. Fuck you little bitch, welcome to reality.
Welcome to reality
Welcome to reality
Welcome to reality
There's nothing left for you to see.
You were a big mistake I thought I knew you but your weakness turned you into something fake. Shame on you for thinking that I have no strategy your existence is a mystery, welcome to reality.
Welcome to reality
Welcome to reality
Welcome to reality
There's nothing left for you to see
Track Name: Adolescent Subhumans
You haven't changed and I'm not the same
These ephemerals keep life interesting
there's a 50/50 chance I'll survive
The odds of life aren't on my side

I'd say that I won't do it again
but I don't want to lie to you
Track Name: Depression
The lies of depression
can only exist
In desolation
brought out in the open
lies are revealed
for what they are
close your eyes
and let the darkness inside
Track Name: Adequate
To impress you is not my end result
Track Name: Lets Chill
Man I'm fucking bored
I don't know what to do
I guess I'll call the homies and see what they're up to

We just want to chill
So much time to kill

Bring the wraps I have the weed
Lets get together and be lazy
one or two hits will make you happy
hit me up, come over, and Lets chill
Track Name: Its Dangerous To Go Alone
Trapped inside these walls by myself
No one else around except the sadness
I should leave the house and be productive
But that would take some effort that I can't produce

I'd rather sit in my living room alone
smoke weed and watch cartoons

what's there to do when nothing is fun
and its all because of you?

It's time to make a change
Track Name: Drunk Punks Is Hippies (Charles Bronson)
Your thoughts are worth as much as the 40 you pissed all over the front lawn
but for now fuck the draft, even though its been 20 years since we had one.
Track Name: Timorous
I just wanna live this lie without being fucking sad
I didn't ask for birth so thank you mom and dad

why do I pretend to be something that I'm not?
No more confidence In my body as it rots

I'm so fake
Track Name: My Ex Girlfriend Took A Meth Head To Prom
Your so "cool" and I'm so "punk"
you never really gave a fuck
always bringin up old shit
how bout you find your silence?

a meth head
to prom

Never wanna see you again
now I'll play something you can understand
don't you think I would've forgot?

Track Name: No Excuse
It's okay, everything's fine
I'm really happy
these are lies I tell myself everyday
mom is dead, can't come in
car is totaled
sorry guys stuck at home, no show cause:

My girlfriend said no
My girlfriend said i can't go

Broke my wrist, I feel sick
send me home
Gonna be an hour late, stuck in traffic
dad just had a heart attack, It's so tragic
these are lies I tell people everyday

I need more excuses
I'm all out of mine
Lend me your excuses
so I can buy some time
I need more excuses
Track Name: Grim Reminder
I hate seeing my dead friends on social media

They are dead and that's how they'll stay
acknowledging their death won't make the pain go away
They are dead and that's how they'll stay
life has to be taken to appreciate.
Track Name: All Life Ends
Close your eyes
let the darkness inside

how does it feel, to know your end is near?
you'll never see it comin
death is everywhere
why do I get to exist while others simply perish?
It's not like my life is more important

there is no afterlife

All life ends